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Coward, Barry: The Stuart Age: England 1603-1714, second edition, publ Longman 1994
Duffy, Maureen: Purcell, publ Fourth Estate, 1994
Grun, Bernard: The Timetables of History, publ Simon and Schuster 1979
Hill, CP: Who's Who in Stuart Britain, publ Shepheard-Walwyn, 1988
Hopkins, Graham: Nell Gwynne, A Passionate Life, publ Robson Books, 2000
King, Robert: Henry Purcell, publ Thames and Hudson, 1994
Osborne, John: Damn You, England - Collected Prose, publ Faber and Faber, 1994
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Waller, Maureen: Ungrateful Daughters, publ Hodder & Stoughton, 1988

The video can be purchased at Discount Music Connection, Dress Circle and MVC plus others.
The CD Soundtrack is generally available.   I recently purchased a copy at MVC.

Purcell Sites
Alexandre H Holmann's Purcell Page - includes a chronology and the Zimmerman catalogue
of Purcell's works
The Jolly Roger Purcell Forum Frigate
Henry Purcell
Index of Works

Artistes' Sites
John Osborne Obituary
Transcription of David Hare's Speech at Memorial Service for John Osborne
Movie Magazine International - Tribute to Sir Robert Stephens
Corin Redgrave
Filmography of Sir Robert Stephens at Blockbuster
Michael Chance - Countertenor

Michael Ball websites:
The Official Michael Ball Site
Michael Ball Fan Club
About Michael.com
Just Ball
Jackie's Ballfest Place
The Nordic Website
The Michael Matinée
The Golden Voice

History-related Sites
 City of London Churches

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