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England, My England
Site Plan

with links to Synopsis and Cast Listthe music used in the film, plus CD notes by Michael WhiteHistorical background - plus chronological timelineComing soon - Biographies of all the main charactersContemporary quotes on people and events in the filmSets and Locations - links to sites used in filmPlease sign my guestbookSources, links and credits

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                                >   History       > Timeline
                                                       > The Succession
                                                       > Religious Unrest
                                                       > Parliament versus the Crown
                                                       > Theatre

                                > In Their Own Words - contemporary quotes

                                > Biographies   > Charles II
                                                        > Henry Purcell
                                                        > James II
                                                        > Mary II
                                                        > William III
                                                        > Samuel Pepys
                                                        > John Dryden
                                                        > Nell Gwynne
                                                        > Duke of Monmouth
                                                        > Earl of Shaftesbury
                                                        > John Osborne

                                > Music           > CD Soundtrack
                                                       > CD Notes by Michael White
                                > Sets and Locations

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